"UNO" poker

09/06/2017 12:02

"UNO" poker is on behalf of the world's largest toy company in the United States Mattel toy company in the world, have sold more than one billion pay! UNO is the most successful in the history of toys, popular in the world! In foreign countries, bars and cafes, UNO is the most popular type of young people love the game. UNO card has swept the world for decades, is known as the world's most fun card games, allegedly by a Italy barber invention, the UNO version of the many, many new functions are added, play more exciting, but the test in this game is the focus and reaction between thinking and contest.
Game editor
Game rules:
Each person draws a card, according to the card, the highest score is the dealer, and the first card, the dealer gives each person 7 cards, the remaining cards as the brand library. Open the card library first (with digital cards as the norm, not words continue to flop), the card face up, as the first card.
Starting from the left hand side of the dealer, first clockwise, turn the cards. Each player chooses to play cards with the same color, number or function.
For example: the home of the cards for the red 3, the next home is available
1, out of any color 3 number plate or
2, out of any number of red cards, or
3, any red temporary suspension, reverse or +2 card.
4, can also be out of color cards or +4 cards.
If there is no card to follow, then punish 1, and then change the next card. When you have finished the last second cards, you should call "UNO" immediately to remind yourself that there are only 1 left. If you forget to call UNO, then touch 2. Whoever wins the cards fastest wins the race.