Magic Poker

10/12/2016 17:45
On the morning of September 15, I had a magical poker magic show with my teachers and classmates.
And others have come together, and we look forward to the show began. First of all, the teacher brought the poker, kindly said: "The students, teachers today to give you a magic!" "Good, good, too good!" The students said in unison. The teacher immediately said: "I need a helper", voice faded, the students have raised their hands, from left to right look, from front to back, hands than a held high, all want to do their assistant, the teacher Name to Huang Yu Han students to do her assistant.
I saw the teacher put the card into two, so Huang assistant shuffle, then, so that another girl from the washing of the pumping of a card, the card to the students looked at, and then into the other Stack of cards. At this time, we are not assured shuffling of students, several students repeatedly shuffling, and finally, only to wash the good card to the teacher, the teacher's hand on the card touched most of the day, we already can not wait to see the results , But the teacher is still slow, really anxious ah, I pinched the teacher for a sweat. Suddenly, the teacher tilted his head and smiled and asked: "We are all stunned, can not believe my eyes and ears, and some students on the teacher put up a thumb, some students have been drums The teacher said: "Well! But, then more difficult to show, okay?" We, the teacher said: "The teacher, you are too much, teach us!" The teacher is very proud of saying: All clapped their hands and said: "Well, good!
Difficult to increase, the students smoked three cards, and the first method is the same, and then, after several students in the hand, you wash, I wash. This time, but three cards ah, enough to find a teacher, but this time the teacher is not a bit slow election cards, but also select all right!
Secret time to: the teacher to the two stacks of cards let us look. A closer look, we all found the secret of poker magic. It turned out that a pile is a singular number of cards, the other stack is double the number of cards ah! Draw a single or a few cards from the odd number into the double number card, no matter how shuffle, can be found.
I understand: the world is only high-skill, there is no real magic. At the same time, I know no matter what should be active brain, thinking, the only way, anything can be solved.