"Land speculation" rules of the game and gameplay

08/27/2016 17:11
Land speculation is very popular in Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the vicinity of a 4-person poker game have to choose two cards were. This game is somewhat similar to two cards to "upgrade" their position is different from 5 hearts become prominent up, plus 5,10, special brand of K-type combination. By contrast, land speculation more exciting, the others can continue to fasten the cards picked up again Fold.
basic rules 
1. The number of cards: two cards, a total of 108, 25 per person, eight cards.
2. scoreboard: Upgrade 5,10 per game are scoreboard and K, 5 representatives of five points, 10, K represents 10 points.
3. Makers: Each side has a game of cards as the dealer, the dealer has a button hole cards and the cards the first first-round. Making the first game held by turning the main square.
4. No one called the main treatment.
• The first unmanned called primary: flow Zhuang redeal.
• playing cards during unmanned called master: turn the end, the cards in the first-class card suit cards based main card, as king, was no master, but the bottom of the cards can not be fried.
5. House: Upgrade game consists of four players to participate, on the lower right and left and cooperate with each other, and the other refers to home for mutual cooperation. Making its home on the composition of the dealer side, the other two parties consisting grab points.
6. Grade Cards: Upgrade Game 2 start playing from escalating to determine upgrades from the grip side of the score points at the end of each round. The current level of the dealer's cards is level.
7. Liang Owner: Council level players get cards, first flaunted as a bright primary.
8. Anti-Main: four players in any one bright legitimate card, the other players can be "anti-master" according bright primary level. After which the anti-suit ordinary primary success, the main anti-trump suit is king. System used by the main anti-brand specific situation to determine the success of the anti-master.
• Ordinary Level Cards: bright primary colors based colors.
• king size: bright after the main fight ownerless. No Owner: None primary colors, red only 5, king size, grade card-based licensing.
• Red 5 pairs: light after the owners can no primary or four kinds of colors selected A.
9. hunters: It is one of the characteristics of land speculation game. After deduction cards until the dealer, according to the order of the cards the other players asked whether hunters card. Bargain-hunting card players need to follow "anti master level" than the current size of the order showed a high level of brand, you can pick up the cards re-buckle the bottom, and deemed "anti-master." Any number of cards hunters.
10. Main color: according to the master card to confirm the finalized master suit, if an ordinary class brand, the main level of the trump suit suit; king size master color cards are the main card.
11. The heaven into the earth: the game heaviest punishment from the same suit 5,10, K turn the end of the final round result.
Pull the bottom: the last lap cards if the dealer is a large party, do not pull the bottom. Otherwise, according to the number of cards a card on the last lap of the largest card-type buckle bottom. Grab points to pull the bottom side of success is possible to obtain three kinds of rewards.
• If you pull the cards are single, you get caught square at the end of all the sub-sub-licensing and scores twice;
• If you pull the cards in pairs, you get caught square at the end of all the sub-sub-brand scores and four times;
• If you pull the cards of the same suit as 3 5,10, K, enjoy the party grab points reward "into heaven."