If the card is not used, you can lose or give it away?

12/07/2016 21:52
  If the card is not used, you can lose (if willing), can also be given away (if willing and the other does not mind). Will be lost or give away the card will not be any bad results, but can not lead to bad luck, unless the psychological cause trouble. Ceremony is the form, with people like.
  However, in most cases, it is recommended that you keep the card closed, because the quality of the Tarot excellent after all, is a good art collection. As for giving away, because most people do not like to use other people used things, especially Tarot in layman eyes is so mysterious items, is always used by others plush, so if you want to give the card, it is best to Determine the recipient do not mind, when necessary, you can smoked aromatherapy too far to safety of its heart. Remove the heart of the grudge, there will be no problem to use.