How to play dominoes

09/29/2016 12:51
If it is four people to play, each person is issued seven cards.
Because a total of 28 cards, so when four people do not need to play cards.
When not out of time, on the PASS.
How to accept the card?
Most of the games are played, then only by the two sides then.
The first two cards of the six first-out. The second person to play the card is in the two out of six players on the left hand side of the person.
He must have six cards.
If he had a six or two hand, he would have six or two cards in his turn.
Assume that the next one out of a 24, two have been picked up, the next one can only have six or four cards.
And so on, no card out of the time on the PASS, who first card out, whoever wins.