card games

11/18/2017 00:19
Chess game is referred to as board games and card games, as a large class of casual game, chess game player has a high degree of loyalty, pay a high rate, high retention rate, large user base and so on. Imagine service produced in the game player in life work of fragments of time to play the game of chess game, but often give investors a surprise. Most chess game derived from the line the way the game in the Internet era are transplanted to the network game player, no longer have to have players or card friends worry, in the online game player can always find the master diamond cuts diamond game player, making the game more challenging. The red Ding the game for you to decrypt the mystery of why the enduring chess game.
Why is chess game enduring?:
1. categories of diversification: many chess game types, we not only from the babbling on the side of the road to see the old man under the banner of chess, and more is a variety of poker games such as card classic landlords, the local play mahjong, or is a modern video game as a chess game fishing. The developers or investors, is the history of folk cultural heritage.
2. quick Gameplay: even the legend of the "white" game player, can not spend too much energy on the chess game is simple to use, it is the old game player challenges high order of difficulty, and now many chess game developers set card mode, is for the game player can easily find appropriate oneself Dan game player service new profit point.
3. operation qualification differentiation: chess game screen is simple, easy to play, different from those who need to implant the world outlook, level complex, 3D visual effects of the game, the game for investors naturally lower the threshold, the investment cycle is not like other types of games as long.
4. ways to promote flexibility: the chess game from the private sector, in a promotion, without the need for investors to choose the TV and the radio, the four portals and other so-called tall but expensive means of communication, it is doing push communication and reputation of the appropriate category. From the game player on the precision touch up rate perspective push and word-of-mouth promotion so small cost efficiency is very high, this and other types of games made segment.