Card game is super fun

11/08/2016 19:19
1. "Shadow Age": stunning magic wind # iOS # Android
"Shadow Era" (Shadow Era) is a mobile platform earlier card game, the game mode and the "World of Warcraft TCG" and "furnace stone legend" is similar: the player placed each round of friendly, release spells, equipment Props, the use of heroic skills, and then the opponent's life value down to zero, played the two game players should be very easy to use.
However, the "Shadow Age" complexity and interest are much higher than the "furnace stone legend": each round need to sacrifice cards to get the cards of resources; different types of damage to bring different attributes of restraint; more than 30 heroes have More than 500 cards can produce endless cooperation ... ... If you like the "Slag Legend" game mode, but that the system is too simple, card pool is too shallow, then the "Shadow Age" is definitely better s Choice.
It is worth mentioning that the "Shadow Age" is very friendly to free players, novice players do not always battled in the real battle, fighting alone can get money, then you can directly buy a single card, and even the most rare single card is also very cheap.
If you have Xian Xin, you can also watch a substantial number of advertising crystal can be used directly to buy deck or card package. So despite the large number of cards, but even do not put the soft sister coins, play for some time enough to accumulate the top card group, do not complain is always krypton gold players abuse friends.
Shadow Era for iOS 6.0+ iPhone and iPad and Android 2.3.3+ devices, iOS version 108 MB, Android version 44 MB, free in-house purchase.
2. "Assassination of God: killing God Chronicles": sword and magic fantasy world # iOS # Android
Ascension: The Chronicle of the Godslayer is a platform for porting to the mobile platform, the game mechanism is very unique, players do not have their own card group, but to build their own in the game: Each player can draw 5 cards per turn (some cards allow you to pump more), after the end of the round all hands should be discarded and then draw 5 from their own library. The task of each round is to kill the monster or earn points, or buy a new card to add to your library, the final score high players win.
This unique mechanism on the one hand makes each player at the beginning of the game are relatively fair, does not appear one party card group natural restraint on the other side of the situation. On the other hand, according to the game situation immediately adjust their card group also brings special fun.
"Assassination of God" is currently launched five extensions, the standard version is free, the expansion will have to charge, but all the expansion package is only 45 yuan, can be said to be very conscience. In addition to the game on the Internet, but also intimate to provide the same machine to start multiplayer on the "hot seat" mode, more convenient than the physical table games, party games is a good choice.
Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer iOS 5.1.1+ for iPhone and iPad and Android 2.3+ devices, iOS version of 169 MB, Android version of 489 MB, free in-house purchase.
3. "Solar Furnace": card also upgrade # iOS # Android
The Solforge, another work by the "Assassination Gods" development team, inherits the features of the library, and the mechanism is more interesting.
Although most of the game is the same as each round of strange, magic, playing the final face of the opponents hit the blood, but the "solar melting pot" to introduce the "upgrade" mechanism. Generally each card has 3 or 4, and some cards in a strong time, but rose to the full level of property has not much growth, and some card is the first few levels than the soldier is also brittle, but Once the full level can be transformed into adult devil rolled the audience.
Initially players can only use the lowest level of cards, only the use of a card before they can put a higher level of cards to their own library, and thus stay until the next use. This mechanism allows the player to build the card group is not limited to the pre-set group stage, the duel in the process must also be considered to upgrade the appropriate card to optimize the library to deal with the future situation, playing a card not only bring field Changes in the situation will also affect the subsequent draw.
At the same time some such as "must be caught in the first 20" or "out of the library after use" card mechanism can help players optimize their card draw probability, try to avoid the effects of God pumping or ghost pumping to increase the balance.
Game updates or frequent, and often will add a new expansion card, and will update the campaign from time to time, or the introduction of special rules of the arena, you can add a lot of fun games, these fresh experience is the card-loving Not to be missed.
SolForge iOS 6.0+ for the iPhone and iPad and Android 2.2+ devices, iOS 756 MB, Android version 39 MB, free in-house purchase.