card game is still strong competitive

08/24/2017 13:10

Card games have been in a period of time over the domestic mobile gaming market, both in quantity and in revenue, other games are difficult to challenge. According to the research shows that in the first half of 2013 domestic IOS best-selling mobile phone network game card comprehensive income, occupy the half of the country, with about 52% of the income. But from the beginning of 2015, the card game seems to be included in the "left behind" ranks in the bestseller list in the forefront card game is extremely lonely.
Once the king of the scenic category
As the FPS type game for the PC side, the card game is natural for the mobile terminal to the simple operation and the fragmentation of the play are very suitable for the development of mobile games, so the domestic card game is accompanied by the development of the domestic mobile game industry grow up, will start to the early king. In fact, the card game officially stood at the center of the stage is from the beginning of 2013, "my name is MT", "big head", "million king Arthur" and a number of outstanding card game talent shows itself, quickly attracted a large number of game player attention.
It is worth noting that the card game as the first growth of mobile game types, the development has been quite mature, whether in play or in brand design are constantly evolving, but with the development of mobile game market, game player demands on the quality of the game is more and more high, coupled with the rise of other types of games the game, especially in the severe competition and the extrusion of the user card market, the card game is a certain degree of impact, but the impact of the object is only the card game is defective, boutique card still maintain strong competitiveness.